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Welcome To Horizon Rail Photos! We are a small group of Photographers in NE Ohio. We have displayed on this website many of our Recent Photos. These photos normally consist of Freight Trains and Passenger Trains.

Here in Cleveland there is alot of RR action to be seen. Especally South of the City. Cleveland, Ohio is Served by 3 major Railroads and several Smaller Railroads.

The major Railroads are Norfolk Southern, CSXT and Amtrak. Also there is still alot of X-Conrail Locos out there. To name a 2 of the smaller railroads would be the Cuyhoga Vally Line & Weeling and Lake Erie. The CVL runs both Freight & switching and Passenger Trains. While the Weeling and Lake Erie RR services LTV steel. Clevelands big steel corp.

If u take a good look through our website you will find many places where You may see photos of other RRs and locations than the ones above. We do do alot of traveling to take photos of trains in different locations than the normal locations we take picturs at.

You may also notice alot of Banners and Links to outher webpages. Like Train Web. Feel free to Visit their and our Site as oftern as you choose. We do update our site often so please check back. If you so desire Sign our guestbook. We do appreciate Emails. Our address can be found after following the link at the top of the page.

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