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Jon Jaros II, Owner

Welcome To Horizon Rail Photo!




  • Horizon Rail Photo (HRP for short) was started in June of 1999.

  • HRP has as of 04-05-01, over 30 full use pages.

  • HRP owns two webrings on Yahoo!.com
  • HRP has one Yahoo! digests, ALL TRAIN DIGEST

  • HRP has over 100 Online accessible Images in the photo bins taken by the Webmaster and others as noted on the image.

  • We eventually will be making use of a URL (.com)

    Stats of the Webmaster:

  • Name = Jon Jaros II

  • Location = Cleveland, Ohio

  • Age = 15

  • Interests = Anything having to do with Technology, Train Travel, Music, Driving, Computer games, photography, and model trains.

  • Favorite Railways = Pennsylvania Railroad

  • Favorite Locomotive = EMD F59 PHI

  • Camera Equipment (for website) = 1 Pentax K-1000 manual camera.

  • I use one lens with a variety of filters. Lens is a 750X Macro zoom and filters like the star filter.

  • Scanner = A single Realistic Scanner, 200 Channels in 10 blocks. With many many useful options.

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