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On July 14,2000 around 12:00 AM EST, a northbound Norfolk Southern freight train having 86 cars (19 of which derailed) and 8 Locomotives started the usual Dnynamic Braking process cresting the grade before hitting CP Walton (In Ohio). The computer supposivey (from what we were told) was tripped and threw the train into emergency braking procedures. The whole train stoped. But not before the 8 locos were derailed and the first 19 cars all derailed in accordian style. The secone engine had it`s fuel tank pierced and it was leaking fuel all over the place. From what we were told by the cleanup and work crew. They had a special paper out to strain out the fuel and chemicals spilled by the engine and 2 tank cars.

It took the crew to get the engines back on the track about 1 day or so in the rain. The signal there was wiped out and it took them 2-3 days to get a replacememt signal (Pennsylvania position light signal) from Indiana. They draged the 19 RRcars up the embankment there and there are right now still there all sorted in the way that the pic`s below show. There is a tank there that was full of some sorta ACID that was leaking and that was being pumped out when we finally got to the accident scene. There was also all sorts of twisted medal, trucks and pins. There are lots of springs from the trucks buried in the mud. The track was twisted into ribbons. (because of how the train accordioned.) They had to cut track from the siding there. they had to cuz .5 miles of track out and put it down. they also brought in lots of stick rail. When trains go over it it sounds like how trains were supposta sound like. Thw who interlockin where this happened it still mess up there dispite the temp track. it is a sad site look in the Pic below that we took and see what it looks like. We got a total of 5 rolls takin of the accident.

Here is a list of the cars that are there on July 16, 2000:

1.Box Car-BN-390147

2.Wood Car-HLSC-2857

3.Covered Hopper-BPAX-8753

4.Tank Car-UTLX-68699


6.Covered Hopper-BN-52099

7.Covered Hopper-BN-452354

8.Covered Hopper-WEIX-30190

9.Box Car-Conrail-376146

10.Tank Car-CLEY-3313

11.Covered Hopper-NAHX-466401

12.Covered Hopper-NAHX-890677

13.Covered Hopper-NAHX-488631

14.Box Car-Rock Island-3018

15.Refridgerated Box Car-BNFE-11822

16.Covered Hopper-NAHX-4885080



19.Covered Hopper-PTLX-33240

Accident Tray Of photos I. Accident Tray Of photos II.

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