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Now that you have read the advantages, it is time for the boring words called "FINE PRINT".

Submission stats:

  • You must the webmaster of your website.

  • Your Website must be over 50% having somethin to do with trains.

  • If less contact me.

    Banner Stats:

  • Banner MUST be 460 x 60 Pixles.

  • Your banner must comprise somethin to do with your website.

  • You can make your banner by visiting CRECON and clicking on Banner.

    My rules regarding your website:

  • No Pornography on your site.

  • No Illegal content.

  • No selling of items of a sexual nature.

  • No HATE items, images etc.

  • No druggy sites

  • Only websites as stated under "submission" Stats will be allowed entry as of present, no other websites.

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