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Banner Submission:

  • Ok, you have read the terms conditions, and the Advantages. Have you yet made your banner or do you already own one? (If you own on skip this) If you haven`t made it. Make it now by goin to CRECON and completing the task. When you have made it save it. Then upload it to your webpage.
    (Rejoin) Now that your banner is in your webpage directory:

  • You will be sending me your websites Name, URL, and Banner URL.

  • I will then take the submitted information and as follows:
  • Review the website (Check Content Etc)
  • Review the Banner URL
  • and check to see if the submitted name is correct.

  • I will then send you a letted via Email to you saying that I have or haven`t approved your website to the ring.

  • Enclosed in the letter will be a HTML (Hypertext markup lang.) code snipplet. This snipplet you will have to add to your webpage within 1-2 Weeks of me sending it or I will delete you from the ring.

  • I will periodically check-up on websites that have been submitted, if the code is not there I will send a warning via email. If I get no reply within 2-4 Days consider your website deleted. Then you are free to resubmit.

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