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Toledo, Ohio

Horizon Rail Photos took a trip to Toledo Union Station, Ohio last year. There we caught two switchers for the mail and private cars that are housed here. These two units consist of an EMD switcher (No. 1281) and a old alco RSD modle (No.106). The alco is in Amtraks colors and still runs. The EMD is in no particular color except a Grey color. With no road name on it.

The station is not nearly as nice as it had to of been in years past. Most of the pasernger traficis not there anymore. some of the tracks that go throught the station are cut of or just aren`t there. Also on the other hand there are many private cars there and AMTRAK mail box cars. Below we have loaded some of the Photos we took there.

A selection of photos of the station.

A selection of photos of the station platform.

Misc. Photos takin at the station

More Photos of AMTRAK engine No. 106

More Photos of switcher engine No. 1280