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We live near Cleveland, Ohio. There is a lot of Railroad action to be seen! ! ! Especially South of the City. Berea Interlocking is served by Norfolk Southern & CSX Railroads. This is one of few places in Cleveland where you can park next to the Railroad tracks and not have the cops bother you.

The major Railroads here are Norfolk Southern, CSXT and Amtrak. CSX never really had a main line in Cleveland, until the Merger when them and NS took over Conrail Operations. Now CSX has full access to the Lake Front Line. To which Amtrak`s Lake Shore Limited runs on, on it`s run between New York and Chicago.

Here in Cleveland there are several small switching Rail Roads. one of which is the Cuhyoga Vally Line. Which runs tourist trains and some freight operations. Anouther one is the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad which just services freight operations to and from LTV Steel (Clevelands big steel corp).

If u take a good look through our website you will find many places where You may see photos of other Railroads than the ones above. We do a lot of traveling to take photos of trains in different locations than the normal locations here in Cleveland. You may also notice many Links, please feel free to use them and please Bookmark our Site! ! ! We also have many Animated banners for Model Railroad web sites. We have links to 360x360 total immersion photos (LOOK AT THEM). We have small selections on our page about Operation Lifesaver, Trains Magazine, Free Email "You@rrmail.com", Major RR links in our RR links page and also a page of links to RAIL related WEBCAMS (a.k.a. RAIL cams) and mutch more.