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Horizon Rail Photo Banner Excange. Join the FUN!

Note: I do not currentally know enough CGI to build a submission form. I will tho asap and this will be automated for your convience.

Time to submit. Sorry for putting you thru all those pages of rules and regulations, that is the only way to get most ppl to read them. Ok, time to submit.

First, You need to have your banner ready.
Second, You know your name.
Third, you know your websites name and URL.

Click on the feedback button below.
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Enter the name of your website in the space provided, then enter your name as the webmaster, after that enter your websites`s URL and then most of important enter your banners URL.

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After you add the information and submit, you will receve a letter of conformation that I receved the letter. I will then look over all the information seeing that it is correct. And notify you upon acceptance or denial if accepted I will send the HTML snipplet to be added to your homepage.
If you are sincer I will probably be accepting you. Remember you can`t have to much patronage.

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