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Horizon Rail Photos (HRP) is located at, is in no way affiliated or connected with other websites, railroads or other content. (Exceptions apply). This website and its content are copyright 1999-2001 Jon Jaros Jr. Any and all content is sole property of the owner and operator of Horizon Rail Photos owned by Jon Jaros Jr. All content has been written and researched by the owner apart from a few exceptions. The exceptions are articles and other "Snipplets" I may borrow from another website or resource. I will give accurate credit to my knowledge of the source and locations URL.
Also it is almosy impossibe to write a page concering a topic like Amtrak without someone else saying that you copied them or something to that effect as I have stated I write my own pages using information from other resources reference and if I like it so much I will do as I stated.

Privacy Policy:

Any and ALL E-mail sent to us is checked and scanned before reading to ensure it`s integrity and is non viral infested. I will respond to ALL emails of good nature and I will not respond to HATE or SPAM emails. All email address are kept between US and the sender and


third party.
We do link to MANY other websites. These websites are not affiliated with us in any way. We may or may not support their views. Do not blame us for what you may read on another link website though you will probably NOT encounter offensive content seeing that we only link to railroad and other websites the webmaster has built.
If you wish to copy a portion of this website, please contact the Webmaster for permission! We will review your request in turn and decide if it is legitimate. We will not give you permission to use any image or other content (text) for NON educational purposes.
You may link to this site as you wish, however, please link to, and not to any other URL on the Horizon Rail Photos server. Only because we change URLS often and rearrange content thus linking to any other location other than will be outdated before you note it.
Any trademarks, ex. Conrail`s trademark are sole property of the owner of the particular trademark.
Any Scrolling trains or stationary trains (ex. on the homepage used as dividers) located in this website are sole property of the owner of the image by linking on the homepage via to GIF thanx.

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