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We are very proud to now be hosing the Butch steam and diesel Archives.

The Altoona Photo Archives are up! Click HERE

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  • Upcomming news:
  • I will be adding my photos from Altoona, Pa.
  • I will be adding sound clips that go accordingly with the photos in my index.
  • Most of the clips (like the one on this page) will run automatically.
  • YOu have the ability to pause the sound device or "MUTE" it in a scence by clicking on the "||" or the square at the bottom of the page thus, turning of the train sound.

    New News: Last update 02-13-01

  • 02-13-01
  • I have added a sound clip to the homepage.
  • I have refined and am cleaning out and organizing my photo images.
  • The new pages will be up in a few days.

  • 02-10-01
  • All pages are complete with the template and most construction is done...
  • Altoona Photos from my last trip will be uploaded and ready for display soon.

  • 02-06-01
  • New Pages uploaded including the FeedBack, Model Railroad and Questions pages.
  • We are also very proud to now be hosing the Butch steam and diesel archives.
  • Amtrak Derailment 60 hurt, visit
  • I am done updating all the pages on this website with the new template. Let me know how it loads.

  • 02-04-01
  • New Template implemented on all pages. (notify if you encounter errors)
  • Add yourself to the banner X cange.
  • New Images pending photo index.

  • 01-31-01
  • New Template Made with NO errors.
  • Banner Rotation has been complete add yourself!
  • New images to be hosted are in the finishing stages
  • NEw images already added to the Photo Index

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    If you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or better you can see the below trains scrolling. If you like them then click here for there sources.

    <--Santa Fe Super Chief Not Prototypical ...Like These trains? If so please take a minute and visit our GIF Credits page to see the contributors to these images... <--Amtrak`s Pennsylvanian (44) Prototypical
    Capitol Limited (49) Prototypical--> MOW train ---> Cascades F-59 and a F-40--->
    Typical Acela layout.---> Amtrak`s Mail Train, Somewhat Prototypical--->

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